Yussuf Ben Mulfrid
Character information
Name(s): Yussuf Ben Mulfrid
Hair: Black
Nationality: Khemedian
Occupation: Military Advisor
Affiliation: Mohammed Ben Kalsih Ezab
Status: Alive
Behind the scenes
First Appearance: Land of Black Gold
Last Appearance: Land of Black Gold

Yussuf Ben Mulfrid is an individual who works for the government of Khemed as the military advisor to Emir Mohammed ben Kalish Ezab.


He organized a swift response, at the Emir's request, in retaliation against his rival, Bab El Ehr, after the Emir's son, Prince Abdullah was kidnapped. Ironically, when he was telling the Emir and Tintin of this plan he was victim of one of Abdullah's pranks and had a trick cigar explode in his face, a fate that also befell the Emir. He leads a raid against Bab El Ehr to look for Abdullah.