This page contains all the guidelines for this wiki, please follow them to assure the wiki's wellbeing.

Editing Guidelines

  • Avoid foul language and insulting other users.
  • No spam. Spam includes messages that contain the following: off-topic content, redundancies, advertisements, and/or info posted several times in multiple places.
  • This particular wiki is for official canon material only. No fan fiction.
  • Make sure that all information added comes from official or reliable sources.
  • No unconfirmed info or fan speculation. Only add information if it has been confirmed. Remember to add the source of your information to the page in the appropriate section.
  • This wiki is for the English language, so all information must be added in English.
    • NOTE: An exception to this is the names of places and characters which, when possible, are given their French name on the page in homage to French being Tintin's mother tongue.
  • Avoid excessive use of images on pages. There is no "limit," per se, just use common sense.
  • Though this wiki is for all Tintin media, the comics take priority. While information can be added about movies, television and video games, information about the comics always comes first.

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