Wang Chen Yee Blue lotus
Character information
Name(s): Wang Chen-Yee
Hair: White
Known relatives: Mrs. Wang (wife)
Didi (son)
Chang Chong-Chen (adoptive son)
Cheng Li-Kin (cousin)
Nationality: Chinese
Affiliation: Sons of the Dragon
Status: Alive
Behind the scenes
Portrayed By: Chris Wiggins
First Appearance: The Blue Lotus
Last Appearance: Tintin in Tibet (mentioned)

Wang Chen-Yee is the Chinese leader of the Sons of the Dragon brotherhood who appears in The Blue Lotus.


Wang Chen-Yee sends his son Didi to watch over Tintin. He also serves as Tintin 's host during his stay in China, and later adopts Chang Chong-Chen. He is an ardent fighter against corruption in China opposing drug trafficking and the Japanese military's occupation. Mr. Wang lives on an estate in the hinterland of Shanghai with his wife and son.

Wang Chen-Yee

Wang Chen-Yee as seen in the book series