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  • Kittensrock123

    allright all you happy people! i want to show you some stuff that proofs that inspecter gadget copyed tintin and 

    the lake of sharks. all of the people who watched inspecter gadget should know penny`s hairstyle[pony tails] 

    and nuksha,the girl in that episode of tintin had the same color of hair,same hairstyle[pony tails] and has a dog

    that is maybe a giant beagle dog which is the breed of brain the dog in inspecter gadget. also when

    rastapopulas is first shown,it only shows his hand pointing at a computer that is connected to a sercurity camera

    just like dr.claw in [you know what] and dr.claw uses sercurity cameras to spy on gadget and penny.

    if you have seen the book,you will get all the pictures i have mentioned in this blog post. anyways, en…

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