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    Tintin as a Character

    March 9, 2017 by Gbjerkec

    The thing about Tintin is that despite being in the protagonist role, is a very evil man. He frequently abuses animals, is responsible for the deaths of two men, is a close-minded bigot and is more than a little arrogant. Now, some would see this as a flaw in the storytelling but assuming it was intentional, it might mean that Hergé gave credit to his audience, and expected them to think critically about the ever-changing definitions of "good" and "evil". If it was a conscious choice, then it makes Tintin all the more interesting as a character and as a story.

    By giving his protagonist such soft, gentle and friendly features he is able to provide contrast to the horrible things that Tintin himself does. Tintin is also a layered character, a…

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