There are so many different home décor styles out there today that it is easy to become overwhelmed trying to decide which style works for your home.  On top of deciding on a style comes the hefty cost of purchasing all the décor and furniture you need in order to make the style work.  It is no wonder why so many people give up on decorating all together and stick with their outdated styles.  Thanks to technology, we have access to several tutorials found online that show us how to decorate using the top trends and staying on a budget.  Here are a few other suggestions for achieving your dream home décor look without breaking the bank.
Work with what you already have

Don't be too quick to throw out all of your old décor or box up inherited antiques.  There is always something you can do to modernize old items, whether it is painting them or adding pieces to them.  Ideally you should only have to purchase one or two modern décor items to add to what you already have and update your home décor style.  Display your collections in a unique way, but keep them together instead of spreading them throughout the house.  Collections work as great center pieces on a dining room table that is not used too often, or hung as artwork on a big wall.  Be creative with how you display your collections instead of just lining them up on a book shelf.

Add unique features

Create interesting lines in your home by adding curtains or barn doors to separate spaces instead of the traditional doors.  Create character by bringing antiques and modern décor together such as installing an antique bathtub in a modernized bathroom.  Shop at thrift stores to find hidden treasures that can be reupholstered or refinished to create beautiful décor at an affordable price. It is great to get home décor ideas from model homes, magazines and your friends’ homes, but put your own personal spin on their ideas so your décor is unique from everyone else’s.

Be creative with patterns and colors

It’s no longer a trend to match perfectly, whether it is colors, patterns or fabrics.  Do not be afraid to mix it up because mismatched items draw the eye in a positive way.  Use bold colors that you would not normally think to pair up, but that surprisingly work.  Be careful not to go too bold, however, because too much bold can clash.  House Beautiful suggests creating a theme in each room that you use different materials and décor to work together and make the theme work.

Keep furniture away from walls

Instead of lining up your furniture against walls, let it sit in the center of a room.  This creates more intimate seating as well as different angles for the room.  Circle your furniture around a focal point such as the fireplace or a beautiful piece of artwork instead of the TV.

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