Thompson and Thomson in TAOTTSOTU
Character information
Name(s): Thompson and Thomson
Alias(es): Dupond et Dupont
Rank: Detectives
Hair: Black
Nationality: British (English-translated version)

Belgian (Original version)

Occupation: International Police Detectives
Affiliation: Interpol
Scotland Yard
Status: Alive
Behind the scenes
Portrayed By: Franky François
André Marié
Paul Frees
Peter Hawkins
Guy Piérauld
Hubert Deschamps
Paul Rieger
John Stocker
Dan Hennessey
Simon Pegg
Nick Frost
First Appearance: Tintin in the Congo
Last Appearance: Tintin and Alph-Art

"To be precise..."
—Thompson and Thomsom

Thomson and Thompson (French: Dupond et Dupont), also known as "The Thompson Twins," are a pair of inept Scotland Yard detectives first appearing in Cigars of the Pharaoh. However, on the first page of Tintin in the Congo, you can see them in the right corner of the first panel, with one saying " Seems to be a young reporter going to Africa".
Though very alike in appearance, there is controversy as to whether they are related or not. Snowy himself seems to be inclined towards the former, he mentions offhand in Destination Moon that "This is it!...Sensational appearance of the Thomson twins!" [1] They are distinguishable by their moustaches. Thompson's moustache is straight while Thomson's turns up. They believe almost anything and are quick to jump to conclusions at first glance. In the episode The Land of Black Gold the detectives mistakenly take a substance called "Formula 14," believing it to be aspirin. This chemical causes their hair to grow rapidly and change color and they hiccup continuously. They have also arrested Tintin in the episode The Black Island for robbery.


Thomson and Thompson originally appeared in the first version of Cigars of the Pharaoh, known as X33 and X33A. However, in later editions of the volume and in every other book they appear in, they are known by their current name. In French, they were called Dupond and Dupont. They appear in the redrawn version of Tintin in the Congo, which chronologically comes before Cigars, they appear in one panel.

The Detectives in the plot


Thompson & Thomson in one of their many costumes.

Of the 19 books following the Cigars of the Pharaoh, not including the unfinished Tintin and Alph-Art and the cartooning of Tintin and the Lake of Sharks, they appear in 17. The only two books they do not appear in are Tintin in Tibet and Flight 714. Although their appearances may vary in importance depending on the album, they always add humor to the story and sometimes are involved in subplots, eventually achieving success by sheer luck or with Tintin's intervention.


Members of Scotland Yard and Interpol, Thompson and Thomson lead more or less discrete and efficient investigations. They are hardly brilliant. They test the limits of discretion, dressing up in folkloric costumes in order to "blend in," which inevitably only leads to them sticking out more. They also pile up an incredible number of falls, slips and accidents. The epitome of stupidity, they followed their own footprints in the desert. Their total disorganization is also reflected in their language. They are experts in pleonasms and have to their credit sayings such as "I would say even more," "our lips are sealed," and "it is my opinion and I share it." Their motto, as mentioned, is "Mum's the word," which is immediately corrected to be "Dumb's the word." Also, Thomson always states "to be precise," and then either restates the statement his twin said or says the sentence mixed-up, such as instead of "He's given us the slip. Got away, with the handcuffs too. What a cheek," he says "To be precise, he's given us away. Slipped us the handcuffs, too. What a sneak." Their introduction is also humorous; Thompson identifies himself as "Thompson, with a p, as in psychology...", philosophy, or any other "p" word in which the beginning "p" is either silent or coupled with an "h" in order to change pronunciation to an "f" sound, Thomson's intro is a similar sounding, "Thomson, without a P, as in Venezuela" or any other amusing sounding name not starting with a "p".


Main article see: List of Thompson and Thomson's Costumes


The duo in one of their many costumes.

The duo are also renowned for their use of disguises in their detective work. They are usually used in an attempt to blend in with the crowd in foreign locations or different settings. However, the pair end up in the most ridiculous of costumes, making them more visible.


In the original French, their names are Dupont and Dupond. The translations for some languages​​ are listed below.


Popular culture

Dupondt em Asterix

Thompson and Thomson as seen in Asterix in Belgium.

The detectives had a brief appearance in Asterix in Belgium, in 1979, the last album of Uderzo & Goscinny together. In the cartoon, they appear dressed in traditional Belgian, and announce the arrival of Julius Caesar. It is a clear reference to the beloved characters and a tribute of the creators of Asterix to Herge, in respect to fame and honor of Belgian comics. Specifically, they appear on page 31.

The pair also inspired the name for the British New Wave rock band, The Thompson Twins (Even though the band has had as many as seven members at a time), who were most famous for their hit 1983 song, "Hold Me Now."



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