Blue Lotus Nightclub

The Blue Lotus Nightclub is a Shanghai nightclub/opium den where customers can indulge in opium smoking. The club is run by local Japanese agent Mitsuhirato. Behind it is where the local members of the Kih-Oskh Brotherhood in China assemble. The Blue Lotus Nightclub is only featured in The Blue Lotus. At ten o'clock on an unknown day, Tintin visits the Blue Lotus Nightclub because he receives a telegram from an unknown sender. The telegram reads:

blizzard ueda location tuesday storm entraps top nine ghurkas T

Tintin finds that if you take the first two letters of each word, it will reveal a secret message. The message was:

Blue Lotus ten tonight

Then, Wang Chen-Yee tells Tintin about the opium den, and Tintin decides to go.

When Tintin arrives at The Blue Lotus Nightclub, he is invited in by Mr. Lee, who happens to work there. While he is there, Tintin hears Mitsuhirato and an unnamed bandit talking. This is what Mitsuhirato was saying:

Here are 5000 dollars in advance. You get the same again when the job is done...

Then, they leave and Mr. Lee says, "Good night, master." to Mitsuhirato.

Near the end of The Blue Lotus (book), Tintin and Chang Chong-Chen discover that Rastapopoulos is linked to The Blue Lotus Nightclub.

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