Character information
Name(s): Stefan Szhrinkoff
Rank: Sargent
Hair: Black
Nationality: Bordurian
Occupation: Military worker
Affiliation: ZEP
Status: Alive
Behind the scenes
First Appearance: The Calculus Affair
Last Appearance: The Calculus Affair

Stefan Szhrinkoff is a Bordurian nationalist involved in the plot to kidnap Professor Calculus. He appears only in The Calculus Affair, along with an unnamed companion.


Szhrinkoff's first appearance is at Marlinspike Hall, where he and his friend are spying on the house. Their first face-to-face encounter with Tintin and Captain Haddock is at the Hotel Cornavin, which holds Tintin and the Captain up, thus they miss the train Calculus is taking to Nyon, and have to take a taxi. Szhrinkoff and his companion then follow them by car, and push them into Lake Geneva, holding them up further. At Nyon, while Tintin and the Captain are walking in the street, the same black Citroen nearly runs them over.

At Geneva Airport, while Tintin is buying tickets, Haddock once again sees the two Bordurians. In secret, Szhrinkoff and his friend vacate their seats for Szohôd as a trap for Tintin and the Captain, who will be caught by the Bordurian police.

Szhrinkoff has dark-coloured hair, grows a small moustache, and wears the characteristic blue overalls and green fedora of a Bordurian spy. His name is undoubtedly a play on the English words "shrink off."

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