Shark-Proof Submarine

The Shark-proof submarine cover art from Red Rackham's Treasure.

The Shark-Proof Submarine is a submarine which was invented by Professor Calculus in order to search for the treasure of infamous pirate captain Red Rackham. It can go down to 900 feet and has two hours' worth of oxygen. The submarine can be piloted in a level of the video game Tintin: Destination Adventure.


Red Rackham's Treasure


Tintin and the Lake of Sharks


Physical appearance

The submarine is shaped like a shark. It can seat two people, has an oxygen supply for two hours and can go down to 900 feet.


  • Ocean explorer Fabian Cousteau (grandson of the famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau) design a submarine that resembled a great white shark, which was inspired by the submarine in Red Rackham's Treasure. However, Cousteau's submarine could fit one person.

Appeared in

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