The Adventures Of Tintin series is set all over the world in both real countries as well as many fictitious ones.


A map of all the real-life countries visited in The Adventures of Tintin.



North America

South America



Fictional countries



  • Pilchardania: The Blue Lotus (Tintin does not visit this country, but he watches a newsreel about the country while hiding in a cinema from police in Shanghai)
  • Poldavia: The Blue Lotus (Tintin never visits this country, but the Poldavian consul to China is seen in The Blue Lotus club. The nation, based on its name, is presumably located in Eastern Europe)

South America

  • São Rico: The Shooting Star (Tintin never actually visited this country, neither is anything more revealed about it except it is in South America. The country was adapted to replace the USA in subsequent editions)
The Adventures of Tintin

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