Salomon Goldstein
Character information
Name(s): Salomon Goldstein
Hair: Black
Nationality: Israeli/Palestinian
Occupation: Merchant
Affiliation: Irgun
Status: Alive
Behind the scenes
First Appearance: Land of Black Gold
Last Appearance: Land of Black Gold

Salomon Goldstein is a Jewish member of the Irgun organisation who mistakenly kidnapped Tintin in Land of Black Gold.


He is depicted as a stereotypical Jew and cast in a negative light just as most members of the religion in Hergé's early works. His character was a replacement for the earlier character Finkelstein who apart from his name was more or less the same character. His character was removed for the redrawn version of Land of Black Gold in 1972 where the setting was changed from the British Mandate of Palestine to the fictional country of Khemed.