R.W. Trickler
Character information
Name(s): R.W. Trickler
Alias(es): "Chicklet"
Hair: Black
Nationality: American
Occupation: Oil Baron
Affiliation: General American Oil
Status: Alive
Behind the scenes
First Appearance: The Broken Ear
Last Appearance: Tintin and Alph-Art

R.W. Trickler (French: R. W. Chicklet) is a crooked buisiness representative of the General American Oil company.


Trickler unsuccessfuly attempted to bribe Tintin to co-operate with his attempt to spark a war between San Theodoros and Nuevo-Rico over the El Chapo region to gain control of its oil. He is an antagonist, arranging for Tintin to be killed by Pablo, then frames him for espionage in the service of Nuevo-Rico, resulting in him being sentenced to death.

His operations in starting a conflict are in league with Basil Bazarov's operations to sell weaponry. Trickler later features in a one frame cameo in The Calculus Affair.

Trickler makes a cameo appearance in The Calculus Affair as a guest in Hotel Zsnorr, presumably still in arms traffic, selling to Borduria. As Hergé died whilst in the planning stages of another adventure, Tintin and Alph-Art, which, at his request, remains unfinished, drafts show Captain Haddock and Tintin visiting Bianca Castafiore on an island villa. There they meet a number of her other guests, including a Mister "Chicklett", a misspelling of "Chicklet", Trickler's name in the original French version.