Character information
Name(s): Puschov
Hair: Black
Nationality: Russian-German
Occupation: Counterfeit bills printer and criminal
Affiliation: Counterfeit Ring
Status: Alive
Behind the scenes
First Appearance: The Black Island
Last Appearance: The Black Island

Puschov (French : Wronzoff) is a member of the criminal counterfeiting group which Tintin hunts down in The Black Island.


After capturing Tintin in England, Puschov tries to convince Tintin to jump off a cliff, but Tintin is rescued by his dog, Snowy, by Snowy biting the goat's leg. He is both a cunning and deceptive figure, tricking Tintin and the authorities on several occasions. He is also the master of Ranko, a gorilla inhabiting the gang's hideout on the Black Island whose nightly screams inspired local legends of the island being occupied by some form of monster.

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