Pilchardania, also known as Pilchardanian Republic, Republic of Pilchardania, Poldomarque or Republique poldomarque (in French) is a nation in Europe mentioned in The Blue Lotus. It has a great resemblance to the French Third Repubic. The nation exists in 1936, some years before World War II.

Politics and Government

Pilchardania is republic. The head of the state is the president.


The name Pilchardania derives from pilchard, the alternative French word for the sardine.

Information from the comic

The nation is mentioned in the 7th square of the page 33. Tintin watches a newsreel, which is a short documentary before a film starts, about the nation while hiding in a cinema from the police in China. In the newsreel, the president of Pilchardania opens the National Dog Show, which causes Snowy to become excited.

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