Character information
Name(s): Pietro
Hair: Black
Nationality: American / Italian
Occupation: Gangster
Status: Unknown
Behind the scenes
First Appearance: Tintin in America
Last Appearance: Tintin in America

"I losta my gun, but this make justa gooda weapon..."

Pietro is one of Al Capone's gangsters who appears in Tintin in America.

Major Appearances

Tintin in America

He and his companions beat Tintin after he falls through a trapdoor at a train station. Snowy saves his master's life by shoving a blue vase above Pietro's head just when he intended to shoot Tintin. After recovering, he planned to hurl another vase at the boy reporter while he is trying to hear Al Capone's conversation behind a door, but mistakenly ends up throwing it directly into Capone's face. Pietro makes his final appearance tied up along side his boss after Tintin catches them both. His fate afterwards or whether he even survived is unknown is likely taken over to the police.