Muganga (Tintin)
Character information
Name(s): Muganga
Hair: Black
Nationality: Congolese
Occupation: Voodoo Ritualist
Affiliation: Babaoro'm
Status: Alive
Behind the scenes
First Appearance: Tintin in the Congo
Last Appearance: Tintin in the Congo

Mugangua is the resident sorceror of the Babaoro'm people.


He falsely accuses Tintin of destroying their tribe's sacred idol, which leads to Tintin's imprisonment. He is later exposed for this after Tintin is freed by Coco. Furious, Muganga then plots to kill Tintin by making it look like a leopard attacked him, but again Tintin survives, and even saves Muganga from a boa, for which Muganga pleads for mercy and ends his vendetta.


Muganga in his disguise of a leopard.

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