Mickey Martino
Character information
Name(s): Mickey Martino
Hair: Black
Nationality: Italian
Occupation: Criminal
Status: Alive
Behind the scenes
First Appearance: Tintin, Freelance Reporter
Last Appearance: Tintin, Freelance Reporter

Mickey Martino is an Italian criminal who appeared in The Adventures of Tintin series. Although he's not an original character, he was seen when he purposely bump to Tintin and Snowy. Tintin decided to follow Martino until he came to a restaurant. Tintin then called the Inspector about Martino's whereabouts.

When the Inspector and several police officers came to arrest Martino, Martino denied the charges by saying that he just got back from Italy two hours ago. The police decided to investigate Martino's house for evidence. The men soon got startled by a ringing sound but it turns out to be just an alarm clock. Later, Tintin figured something out and whispered it to the Inspector, who immediately arrested Martino.

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