Major Kardouk Tintin
Character information
Name(s): Kardouk
Rank: Major
Hair: Black
Nationality: Bordurian
Occupation: Military Officer
Affiliation: ZEP
Status: Unknown
Behind the scenes
First Appearance: The Calculus Affair
Last Appearance: The Calculus Affair

Major Kardouk was the commander at the Fortress of Bakhine, where Professor Calculus was imprisoned by the Bordurian secret police under order of Colonel Sponsz.


Major Kardouk

Kardouk as seen in the book series

Kardouk authorised Calculus's release after Tintin and Captain Haddock, in disguise, visited Bakhine with the proper papers for his release, which they had previously stolen out of Sponsz's jacket in Bianca Castafiore's dressing room at the opera house in Szohôd.

After Sponsz realised that Kardouk had released Calculus, he ordered him to recapture him or else he would be shot, an order which he failed to enforce. It is unknown whether Kardouk was in fact killed for this or not.

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