Jamjah Railway Station
Cn image 2 size tin-tin-cigars-of-the-pharoah-1211
Locale Unknown
Country India
Continent Asia
First appearance Cigars of the Pharaoh

Jamjah Railway Station is the railway station for the fictional Indian town of Jamjah, in the Principality of Gaipajama. It is only featured in Cigars of the Pharaoh.

After escaping the hospital to which he is mistakenly sent, Tintin is pursued by a doctor and a pair of hospital workers. He manages to jump onto the passing Sethru-Jamjah Train , but is capturd by The Thompsons, who are also on board. However, the detectives are tricked by a disguised Tintin, who tells them Tintin ran off the train.

Meanwhile, his original pursuer, the doctor, telephones the station, asking them to intercept Tintin. After an hour, Tintin disembarks at Jamjah, only to be captured by police officers and sent back to hospital.

"Jamjah" is homophonic with the English words "jam jar".

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