Hans Boehm
Character information
Name(s): Hans Boehm
Hair: Black
Nationality: German
Occupation: Pilot
Affiliation: Roberto Rastapopoulos
Status: Unknown
Behind the scenes
First Appearance: Flight 714
Last Appearance: Flight 714

Hans Boehm was a German pilot who appeared only in Flight 714.


Boehm was employed as the co-pilot of a private jet by the famous millionaire Laszlo Carreidas, the Carreidas 160. He was also one of the hijackers of that flight, along with colleagues Spalding and Paolo Colombani, while working for Roberto Rastapopoulos. Boehm, along with the others, including Rastapopoulos, was taken to an unknown fate by aliens. However it is highly suspectable that he is alive as Rastapopulus and Allan appeared alive in Tintin and Alph Art.