Colonel Juanitos (Tintin)
Character information
Name(s): Colonel Juanitos
Rank: Colonel
Hair: Black
Nationality: San Theodoran
Occupation: Military Officer
Status: Alive
Behind the scenes
First Appearance: The Broken Ear
Last Appearance: The Broken Ear

Colonel Juanitos is an officer in the San Theodoran military under the administration of General Alcazar.


Colonel Juanitos

Juanitos as seen in the book series

Juanitos is portrayed as a very loyal and competent officer unlike most of the others in the San Theodoran army. It was he who placed Tintin under arrest by order of Alcazar after he was framed for treason by R.W. Trickler. Despite this Tintin, also a Colonel in the San Theodora army, seemed to be on good relations with Juanitos.

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