Captain Maldemer
Character information
Name(s): Captain Maldemer
Rank: Captain
Hair: Black
Nationality: British (English)
Occupation: Ship's Captain
Status: Alive
Behind the scenes
First Appearance: The Broken Ear
Last Appearance: The Broken Ear

Captain Maldemer is the captain of the ship Ville de Lyon as seen in The Broken Ear.


He was the one who placed Ramon Bada and Alonso Perez under arrest for the murder of Rodrigo Tortilla. Once in San Theodoran waters Maldemer hands custody of the two over to Colonel Jimenez of the nation's military. Maldemer at first waits for Tintin to return after the latter goes ashore to visit the Minister of Justice, but leaves after a government messenger delivers a false message telling him to leave without Tintin.

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