Borduria flag 603px-Borduria Symbol
Flag National Symbol
Demonym Bordurians
Official language: Bordurian
Government: Fascist-totalitarian dictatorship
Head of state:
Currency: Bordurian rand

Borduria is a country in the comic strip series The Adventures of Tintin. It is located in the Balkans and has a rivalry with the fictional neighbouring country of Syldavia . Borduria is depicted in King Ottokar's Sceptre and The Calculus Affair, and is referred to in Tintin and the Picaros. In the latter two books it is depicted as a stereotypical fascist country.

Bordurian is the official language spoken in the country. Close to their border with Syldavia is the Fortress of Bakhine, which serves as a military base and office of Colonel Sponsz.


Borduria dates back to at least the middle-ages. It is known that in 1195 the country invaded and annexed Syldavia. It maintained control of the nation until 1275 when Baron Almaszout successfully led a revolt against his Bordurian rulers. The struggle lasted two years ending in Syldavia regaining independance.

By the mid-twentieth century Borduria had been taken over by a fascist totalitarian dictatorship. By this stage Borduria had also established its own secret police; the ZEP. The leader of this movement is known only as Kûrvi-Tasch. Under his rule Borduria re-newed its claim to Syldavia's lands, even attempting a coup d'etat by way of stealing the Ottokar Sceptre. Borduria also was intent on world domination and unsuccessfully attempted to steal knowledge of a sonic wave device pioneered by Professor Calculus and Professor Topolino, in order to use it as a weapon.


Herge does not tell about the early government of Bolduria, but the country is run like Nazi germany meaning it is a Fascist state from its leader Kurvi Tasch who is based off of Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin.

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