Ben Yussef
Character information
Name(s): Ben Yussef
Hair: Black
Nationality: Khemedian
Occupation: Spy
Former Servant
Affiliation: Bab El Ehr
Status: Wounded
Behind the scenes
First Appearance: The Red Sea Sharks
Last Appearance: The Red Sea Sharks

Ben Yussef is a man who was spying on Mohammed Ben Kalish Ezab and working for Bab El Ehr. He used to be a servant for the Emir, but was actually spying on him. This will please Bab El Ehr, he said, until he was attacked tremendously after steeping over Ayesha's tail. Not knowing that the Emir realized that he's working Bab El Ehr, Achmed said that it will take 3 weeks for him to recover.