The battle of Zileheroum

Battle of Zileheroum, known as "Battle of Klow" is a battle in Syldavia.


In 1127, Muskar I, leader of a Slav tribe, swooped down from the mountains at the head of a band of partisans and fell upon isolated Turkish villages, putting all who resisted him to the sword. Thus he rapidly became master of a large part of Syldavian territory. A great battle took place in the valley of the Moltus near Zileheroum, the Turkish captial of Syldavia, between the Turkish army and Hveghi's Irregulars. Enfeebled by long inctivity and badly led by incompetent officers, the Turkish army put up little resistance and fled in disorder. Having vanquished the Turks, Hveghi was elected king, and given name Muskar. The capital, Zileheroum, was renamed Klow .