Anders Høgsbro Østergaard (born 14 March 1965 in Copenhagen) is a Danish filmmaker who produced and directed the film and documentary Tintin and I.


From 1991-1996, Anders Østergaard worked as a copywriter and strategic adviser, specializing in social and political campaigns, for the advertising firm Jersild & Co. - in parallel he was researcher at DR Dokumentar and Nordisk Film. Anders Østergaard was also affiliated with Central Television London and TV 2's documentary program Fak2eren during the period. During this period he supported a number of documentary programs for Danish television focusing on current social conditions at home and abroad. As portrayalist, Anders Østergaard has been recognized. In the movie Review of Johannesburg from 1996, he portrays Henning Carlsen based on his film Dilemma from 1962. In 1999, he produced Troldkarlen, a film about pianist Jan Johansson that earned him respect. In 2003, he produced his personal and highly rated film Tintin and I, a portrait of Tintin's father, the Belgian cartoonist Hergé. In 2006, the Gasolin film about the rock band Gasolin had premiered. This documentary centering on a piece of Danish rock history quickly became the most popular documentary film in Danish cinemas and won the film award GuldDok. In 2008, Anders Østergaard received his premier international success with the film Burma VJ, depicting the situation in Burma during the 2007 uprising through young cameras underground reporters. The film has won a large number of prizes, including a prize at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival.


Documentaries and Films

  • 2008 – Så kort og mærkeligt livet er – portræt af forfatteren Dan Turéll
  • 2008 – Burma VJ: Reporter i et lukket land – en dokumentarfilm om forholdene i Burma, hovedsageligt bestående af aktivisters illegale optagelser.
  • 2006 – Gasolin' (film)|Gasolin' – portræt af rockgruppen Gasolin'
  • 2003 – Tintin and I – portræt af Tintins skaber Hergé
  • 1999 – Trollkarlen – portræt af jazzpianisten Jan Johansson
  • 1996 – Gensyn med Johannesburg – portræt af filminstruktøren Henning Carlsen
  • 1986 -Den, der finder, han søger

TV Production

  • 2004 – Magtens Billeder: Diplomatiets fortrop
  • 2001 – Malaria
  • 2001 – Brødre i Ånden
  • 2000 – Fra asken i ilden
  • 1994 – Den dobbelte mand
  • 1993 – Vejen til Helvede
  • 1993 – Et lys i mørket
  • 1990 – Kaptajn Janssens Bror

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