Allan Thompson film
Character information
Name(s): Allan Thompson
Alias(es): Allan
Rank: Captain (Formerly First-Mate)
Hair: Black
Nationality: American
British (In the film only)
Occupation: Captain; Smuggler; Criminal
Affiliation: Kih-Oskh Brotherhood, Karaboudjan
Status: Main series Unknown Yves Rosier's version of Alph-Art Alive
Behind the scenes
Portrayed By: René Arrieu
Marc Moro
Daniel Mays
First Appearance: Cigars of the Pharaoh
Last Appearance: Tintin and Alph-Art (only Yves Rodier's version)

Allan (originally Allan Thompson in French) was Captain Haddock's first mate on board Karaboudjan, and a smuggler and criminal. Allan's name was Allan Thompson in the original French, but English translations mostly omit his surname in order to avoid confusion with Tintin's detective friends Thompson and Thomson. Allan was in the navy with Pedro and Tom. After he retired, he became a postman in Lancaster and settled down to live. He served as secondary villain in The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn.  


Cigars of the Pharaoh

Allan first appears in Cigars of the Pharaoh as  a member of the opium ring known as the Kih-Oskh Brotherhood. Allan is first seen on a sailboat smuggling drugs accross from egypt to india, Allan and some of his men stop their boat near an egypt coat line, he then sends some of his men over in a long boat to go pick up some coffins (which they assume contains opium as usual.) (actualy containing Tintin, snowy and Sophocles Sarcophagus, but after the coffins are loaded onto the sailboat, the ship is sighted by a coastguard. Allan is frightened by this and orders hi men to dump the coffins. But then after the coastguard has gone, Allan receives a message saying that the contained important prisoners, so he then starts his search to find them again.The next mornig one of allans men sight one of the coffins (containing Sophocles Sarcophagus) and go pick him up. He then sends out a telegram saying that they have retreived one coffin and will stop search because of storm. Allan is agonised by this until he receives a telegram saying that if the storm continues to prevent them from searching to abandon search and proceed with the plan.  In the television adaptation, he is revealed to be a high ranking member of the brotherhood and is depicted as the leader of the meeting in Gaipajama that Tintin infiltrates.In the same episode, Allan is working in a Sailboat so he has only joined Captain Haddock from the Karboudjan between Cigars of the Pharoah and Crab with the Golden Claws. 

Crab with the Golden Claws

He next appears as one of the primary antagonists in The Crab with the Golden Claws as the mutinous first-mate of Captain Haddock aboard the Karaboudjan. Here, he smuggled drugs between Morocco and Europe as henchman of Omar Ben Salaad. He first appears when Tintin and Snowy down to the docks to see the Karaboudjan and investigate the drowned man. Allan along with his shipmate Tom drop a heavy crate on Tintin, but was foiled, for Tintin was looking at the seaguls and saw it coming.  Tintin and Snowy tag along with Tompson and Tomson on board. Allan then orders Tom to take care of Tintin while Allan talked to the detectives. Allan tells the tompsons that the man who drowned man went to a pub and got extremely drunk and fell off the Karaboudjan into the water and drowned. And the detectives believe him. After the meeting Tom alerts Allan that he has tied Tintin up, and told the detectives that he has left the ship without them.Allan then goes down to Tintin in the hold, Tintin asks him why he is tied up in the hold, Allan tells him that its no use pretending you already know. He then reveives a message from Omar Ben Salaad saying to drown Tintin. After he realises that Tintin has escaped and he along with the rest of the crew start searching for Tintin. He then realises that Tintin is hiding in another hold and has locked them all out, but Allan does not care and decides to starve him out for there was no food in that hold. Allan is then alerted by Jumbo that captain Haddock (who he is keeping as drunk as possible so he can command the ship) wishes for more whisky. But Allan is agonised since Tintin has gone into the cabin and told him not to drink. Allan then sees the porthole in the captains cabin that he has come though and orders Jumbo to guard it. He then goes back to the hold in whitch Tintin is in and orders Tom to blow open the door with TNT. After they realise that [[Tintin is not there he goes back up to the captains cabin only to find Jumbo tied to a chair, Jumbo says that Tintin was actually hiding in the locker under captain Haddock's bed. He was then alerted by another crewmember that Tintin has tied and tied and gagged the wireless operator, Allan punches him knocking him out, he is then alerted y another, who said that Tintin has escaped in the longboat.He is then seen much later in Bagghar and is sighted by Tintin for a short while but then looses him. After that Captain Haddock is sighted by Tom who alerts him through a public telephone, Allan orders him to be captured. Tintin then follows Alllan into their hideout. Tintin then finds captain Haddock being whipped by one of Omar Ben Salaad men, Tintin holds them up with a gun, and rescues the captain, but they end up being chased by the men into a room full of wine and throw wine bottles at Allan and his men, Allan and his men shoot back but end up hitting the large wine barrels causing them to empty onto the floor and the fumes from the wine causes Tintin and the captain to go drunk and the captain to go crazy and chase the men down the hall and out of the hideout. Then after Omar Ben Salaad is arrested Allan makes a quick escape on a motorboat, but Tintin follows him in another motorboat and captures Allan in a fishing net and he is arrested. 

The Red Sea Sharks

He reappears in of The Red Sea Sharks,  again in league with Rastapopoulos, now known as the Marquis di Gorgonzola, where his ship, the Ramona, is used in illegal slave trading. But after Tintin, captain Haddock and Piotr Skut is on board Marquis di Gorgonzola's cruise ship, Rastapopoulos telephones Allan and tells him to pretend that he will offer to take Tintin, Captain Haddock and Piotr Skut ashore on the Ramona (but actually to dispose of them.) but once they have them aboard, Allan locks them in a cabin separated from Piotr Skut. Allan then offers Piotr Skut to come with the rest of the crew onto a longboat, while the Ramona burns down, but he refuses to go and Allan knocks him out and leaves him on the ship. But  Allan is shocked when Tintin and the captain (with help from the slaves hidden on board the ship) have put out the fire. Allan is agonised by this and orders his men to row back to the ship but, they exelorate away from Allan leaving him and his men behind.

Flight 714

In Flight 714 to Sydney, Allan helped Rastapopolous in capturing Laszlo Carreidas, along with Tintin and his companions, on the South-East-Asian island of Pulau-Pulau Bomba. He was savagely beaten by escaping Sondonesians, causing him to suffer severe injuries and lose of all his teeth, resulting in babyish speech. In the same book, he, along with Rastapopoulos and company, got captured by aliens and faced an unknown fate.

Tintin And Alph-Art (Yves Rodier version)

Allan left his trade as a sailor and Rastapopoulos's Gang and became a mailman in the United States.
In the book he is seen being chased by a dog when delivering a letter.


Other Portrayals 

In the movie The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, Allan is still depicted as the first mate on the Karaboudjan but is a lackey of Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine instead of Rastapopolous. At the finale Allan tries to stop Haddock with his pistol but kicks Haddock and tries to get Sakharine on the road. Before he could do that, he was thrown by Haddock and landed on a truck, banishing him.

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